Tillam - time and light - colorful clocks on a table
absolutly stunning nerdy

Tillam - interior time and light

Tillam hand crafts absolutely stunning nerdy clocks and lamps.

Tillam time - the clocks

Yellow nerdy tillam clock

Tillam offers a selection of hand crafted clocks made from contributed materials. The hard drive case offers the housing for the absolutely stunning nerdy clocks.

Not just clocks. Tillams!

colorful tillam clock - best presents for computer nerds


We only use crashed hard drives. Hard drives that can't fulfil their original purpose of serving data. We dismantle those hard drives and get them powder coated.

refurbished hard drive as clok - tillam


After quality check we assemble them with a premium quarz clockwork.

most stylish hard drive clock


Each Tillam comes with a 3d-printed stand. That makes it possible to put your Tillam on your desk and make your desk shine even more.

Tillam light - the lamps

Futuristic Tillam lamp made of printed circuit boards from a hard drive

Tillam manufactures handcrafted outstanding futuristic lamps. And all from contributed materials.

Not just lamps. Tillams!

stylish interior - lamp made of hard drive parts


Every lamp is handcrafted from contributed materials. We don't produce anything up-front.

details of stylish interior lamp made of hard drive parts


Hard drives, CPUs, PCBs, - we have them all. With them we build the most futurist design possible.

details of stylish interior lamp made of printed circuit board


Instead of going to waste we embrace new live into the materials used. A second chance. A new hope!

Tillams - get your one now!

Interested in absolutely stunning and nerdy clocks? We are working on our online shop. Until its ready Get in touch with us!